My research

I am an applied microeconomist and my research interests are in development economics, market structure and the application of microeconomic theory to policy and institutional design.

Publications and Papers Under Review:

  • Additionality when REDD Contracts are Self-enforcing”. October, 2016. with Brian Roe and Brent Sohngen, Environmental and Resource Economics.


  • “Relational Contracts and Product Quality: The Effect of Bargaining Power on Efficiency and Distribution”. 2016. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 41(3): 405-424.


  • Incentive Contracts for Environmental Services and Their Potential in REDD”  (with Lea Fortmann, Brent Sohngen and Brian Roe)


  • The Role of Cooperation and Reciprocity in Structuring Carbon Sequestration Contracts in Developing Countries (with Brian Roe). 2012.  American Journal of Agricultural Economics, vol. 94(2), pages 411-418 Paper
  • The Role of Bargaining Power in Relational Contracts (Under Review)

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    • Balancing Market Power in Agrarian Contracts: Consequences for Social Efficiency, Cooperation, and Distribution (Earlier working paper version)
  • Self-enforcing Contracts for Reducing Emissions From Deforestation and Forest Degradation (Under Review)

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Working Papers:

  • Addressing Additionality in REDD Contracts when Formal Enforcement is Absent” with Brian Roe and Brent Sohngen (Under Review)

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  • Does Contract Enforcement Limit the Distribution of Bargaining Power? An Experimental Study.

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Work in Progress:

  • Cooperation and Reciprocity in Carbon Sequestration Contracts
  • Self-Enforcing, Cost-Effective REDD+ Contracts in Ecuador
  • Heterogeneity in Conservation Costs and Self-enforcing Contracts in Tanzania

Other Publications:

  • El Comercio Internacional de Carne Bovina en Centro America. 2005. ILRI. Project Report Download
  • Trade and Environment Issues. 2004. (with Sepulveda, S. and Rodriguez, A.). San Jose, Costa Rica. 109 p. Rural Development Technical Handbook No. 25 Download
  • Territorios Rurales, Competitividad y Desarrollo. 2003. (with Chavarria, H.; Sepulveda S; Echeverri, R; 2003). San Jose, Costa Rica. 70 p. Cuaderno Tecnico No. 23
  • Territorios Rurales, politicas E Institucionalidad en America Latina. 2003. (Collaboration to Sepulveda, S; Rodrıguez, A; Echeverri, R). Seminario Internacional Territorio, desenvolvimento rural e democracia. Fortaleza, Brasil
  • Sistemas de Gestion Medio Ambiental: Las Normas ISO 14000. 2002. (with Sepulveda S.). San Jose, Costa Rica. 20 p. Cuaderno Tecnico No. 21